Book the Experienced Cleaners Kensington for One Off Cleaning

When one off cleaning is affordable, completed by reference vetted domestics, and guaranteed to be delivered to high standards there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t book it. Treat your home to this Cleaners Kensington service and you may find you want to use us more than just the once!

Bryce’s Cleaners Love the Jobs You Hate

Tailor your service so that your one off cleaners do the chores you least enjoy. Any domestic cleaning can be included, and you’re always assured of:

  • 24/7 support via our customer service line
  • Free quotes based on your exact requirements
  • A choice of a solo cleaner or a team
  • Weekend and bank holiday appointments

Book a Cleaner

24/7 Call support

020 3404 0313

Planning and Using Bryce’s Cleaners Kensington Service

When you get in touch you’ll be asked what you’d like done. Use your service to get:

  • Every room vacuum cleaned
  • Your furniture dusted and polished
  • Bathrooms and kitchens deep cleaned
  • Washing up, ironing, or laundry put through the wash
  • Any other housework that requires the tools and equipment you have available.

When your cleaners arrive they’ll check with you to see that the list you prepared when booking is still up-to-date. Your domestics will also let you know if there seems to be too much to do in the time available. They’ll always start with the jobs you’ve identified as most important and work hard to try and get everything done.

Just so you know… your work is covered by full insurance. Quality control supervisors make regular site visits to ensure that all domestics continue to work to the high standards they’re trained to when they first join the team.

Book Your One Off Cleaners

Call Bryce’s Cleaners Kensington 24/7 on 020 3404 0313You’ll get an immediate quote and have the option to confirm your one off cleaning in a single call.