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Call Bryce’s Cleaners Kensington for your window cleaning to enjoy upstairs windows that are as well polished as the downstairs glass. Better yet, your cleaners generally don’t have to climb ladders and peer into your home to do their work.

Easy-to-Use Glass Cleaning Services

Our glass cleaning services are available to domestic and commercial customers alike. Take advantage of this service to benefit from:

  • Same-day services, subject to availability of cleaners
  • Cleaning options including water-fed pole, or more conventional techniques
  • Free quotes based on the number of windows to be cleaned
  • Fully insured services
  • Reference-vetted cleaning teams

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The Techniques Used by Bryce’s Cleaners Kensington

Whenever possible, your window cleaners will complete your work using the water-fed pole system. This method is suited for windows up to the fourth storey, with suitable access and parking. Your technicians will:

  1. Arrive in a van which contains a tank of purified water
  2. Park as close as possible to your property
  3. Make two passes across each window, to loosen grime then rinse it away
  4. Clean PVC frames and sills at the same time as the glass

Pole cleaning is the preferred system because no detergents are required and windows are allowed to air dry, eliminating any risk of smears. This system also protects your privacy and it’s much safer for your windows, for passers-by, and of course for the cleaners. When access issues makes this method impractical you’ll be offered a different cleaning option.

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Get in touch with Bryce’s Cleaners Kensington 24/7 on 020 3404 0313 You’ll be asked a few questions about your property, then receive a quote for window cleaning. You’ll have the option to reserve an appointment instantly.